Kamakhya temple

Religiously Guwahati holds a very important place as it possesses the 6 th sakti peeth constructed by the koch king, Naranarayan, in the 10 th century situated atop the Nilachal hill. During Ambubashi mela, thousands of pilgrims as well as tourists throng the Kamakhya Temple.

Umananda Temple

Situated in the smallest island of river Brahmaputra, Umananda has a famous Shiva temple. The beautiful temple built during the Ahom period can be reached only through motor boats and public ferries

State Museum

Assam State Museum has a rare collection of archaeological and ethnographic displays. The collection includes stone and copper plate inscriptions dating from the 5th century, a 12th century sculpture of 'Surya', terracotta pieces and costumes.

State Zoo

The zoo at Guwahati is the largest natural zoo in India. Different animal and bird species including Assam's famed one -horned rhino could be seen in the zoo. There is also a museum and a beautiful zoological garden within the zoo premises.